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"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say I LOVE all the changes that have been made to A+ in respect to roll edit. They are great and a huge time saver!!!! Thank you for all your help this week in particular with getting things right in our start of year. We're almost there!"

Doris Pearse, Academic Facilitator, Fitzroy High School


"Thank you for a trial copy of FirstClass and A+ all concerned are thrilled with the web based attendance capability, and as a result we would like to legitimise this software."

Mark Quagliani, Assistant Principal, Australian Technical College, Sunshine


A+ Guide to Reports
"I had another look at this...splendid report!"

Roland Gesthuzien, Westall Secondary College


"Thank you very much for your support in setting up the A+ and FirstClass. It's working fine."

Mohammed Fazly, Roxburgh College


" I have used you phone services and found them very useful & helpful especially as I was starting from a zero knowledge position."

Gary Bourke, Assistant Principal, Murtoa College

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