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A+ Roll Marking , including SMS


FirstClass Timetabling

Email in First Class offers a comprehensive selection of student and teacher groupings allowing for quick and efficient correspondence of information. Group searches exist via student or teacher, year level or form, faculties, specific subjects as well as custom groups of students and teachers. SMS correspondence has significantly addressed time management issues, saving precious time.

Examples include:
The ability to Email a group of teachers to prepare work for an upcoming student’s absence
Messaging every student who is taught by a certain staff member
Email to absent staff with attached minutes from meeting
Class lists can be emailed to all staff within a Year Level
Teachers can be notified of daily organizational changes via SMS
Send reminders to students involved in Year Level meetings or sporting events
SMS parents advising them of the late arrival of an excursion back to school
Email to parent of student absences over any date range sorted by subject

  Class lists and form lists can also include photos to assist staff in identifying students
  "Home Screen" pops up automatically and has links to all the most used functions of FirstClass. This is a useful screen for first-time or intermittent users of FirstClass.
  Ability to display allocations in colour which is extremely useful visual tool when resolving timetable clashes.
  To assist with resolving student clashes in blocking, we have created a report that highlights students with unallocated classes and indicates those that are due to possible or actual clashes

A+ Roll Marking

  Scheduled Absences is an important feature in A+. It enables students to be ‘bulk added’ to any reason in advance and over any date range. This notifies the classroom teacher on the day of the student’s absence. Recent enhancements to A+ now offer the ability to schedule a recurring absence over any date range, via days in the week or days in the timetabling cycle. Excursions, sporting events, TAFE every Wednesday afternoon and school carnivals are typical examples of school-based activities that can be scheduled.
  New Reports include:
"Student Attendance Review" provides a detailed summary of student attendance listing period-by-period. The landscape option for printing caters for a months worth of class attendances.
"Attendance Alert" is able to pinpoint students who may regularly be missing particular subjects. This report produces a list of students who have exceeded x absences, by class, which is extremely important when adhering to absence policies at senior school.
"Coordinator Alert" identifies “at risk” students and is able to quickly display consecutive absence, days absent in a date range, lateness and irregularity of daily student absence.
  Combined timetabled classes with the same teacher appear as a single list for roll marking in A+, FirstClass Web, and on the PDA.
  You can import A+ data between SQL databases over any date range which allows schools to manage and archive data.
  A+ absence data can be exported to Cases21 in readiness for census and audit purposes.
  "Explanation Letters" can be easily be generated to send to parents requesting explanations and signature for unexplained absences.
  "Roll Conflicts" allows you to resolve any data conflicts between the PDA and FirstClass or FirstClass Web for any student which has been doubly marked for a given period.

FirstClass Web
  Provides staff with a user friendly interface for period by period roll marking
  Student photographs automatically pop up in class rolls assisting staff to identify students
  Class lists with the option of photographs can be printed or saved in pdf
  Staff can add notes for individual students in a class allowing important follow up take place
  Rolls that have been marked will be indicated by a red tick adds a visual guide as to which classes remain unmarked
  Can run on a wide range of browsers (including Safari)

PDA for A+ Roll Marking
  The ability to mark the roll for any period in any year level
  The ability to synchronise data to the SQL database via cradle or wireless network catering for LIVE attendance data in schools.
  Only student changes are uploaded to the SQL database ensuring quick synchronisation to PDA that saves valuable time.
  A ‘route’ or pathway display to the roll monitor the sequence of rooms and staff to visit. At the end of this process, the PDA instructs the roll monitor to return to the main office.
  The ‘Pincodes’ module within A+ is capable of restrict student access to PDA, which ensures accurate attendance data.
  PDAs contain powerful student searches that display the student’s timetable and whether they were in class. Ideal for finding students out of class and asking, “Where should you be now?” with the class information displayed on the PDA!
  The option to mark double periods once provides the classroom teacher with one less interuption. This provides the classroom teacher with one less interruption the next period.
 Once classes have been marked via the PDA, data can be quick sorted to summarise absence by periods, students and absence type. This provides an accurate snapshot summary of absences via percentages.

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