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When subscribing to the annual Support and Upgrades program for a particular software product you receive a number of substantial and valuable benefits. This service is offered to ensure that you can keep up to date with the latest technology and have access to responsive and knowledgeable support. The key benefits include:

HELP Line for service and support
Support & Upgrades

Contact our Support Centre as often as you need. We understand that using software can be a complex and often a time-consuming task, so why waste time when help is at hand from our friendly team? Even those who are familiar with the applications may come across situations that can be easily solved with just a phone call or you can simply log your support request through our online service.

To complete our comprehensive support program we have also implemented a one-on-one remote dial-in system that is included in this service, if you have the appropriate set-up. If convenient, you may come into our office and discuss directly with one our support experts.

Software Upgrades
The concept of upgrading a software program from one version to another is now a common practice to most computer users. While staying on an ever-ageing software version might be fine for some, the advantages that latest versions offer are significant. With the support and development service you can upgrade the latest version of the software at anytime at no extra cost. At Human Edge we are continually developing our products - new features, easier and better ways of doing things, more reports, speed of use along with improved functionality - all making for a more enjoyable and productive experience with your application.
Internet Download and Documentation
When a new software release is available we will notify you. This means that you can download and install the new software at your convenience. The installation process will automatically reconfigure your existing data and handle all the Windows configuration issues. Along with this service we provide Release Notes explaining all the changes made in the application along with any Tips & Tricks to explain how to use new features. All these documents are available in archive form from our Web site.
Data Analysis
If you are having problems with your data, or simply need advice on how to set up something, we can provide expert analysis. Just provide us with access to your data and we will provide the answers.
You get to have your say...
How many software packages do you use on a daily basis that gives you a direct say in their development? We record all suggestions for changes and schedule for inclusion those that will benefit the user group the most. We value and encourage your feedback.
Newsletters and Announcements
Our regular e-mails set out to inform you of what features are in up and coming releases, general systems operation guidelines along with informative tips on how to get the best out of your software.
Reduced Training Costs
All Support & Upgrades subscribers are entitled to discounts on training sessions and individual consultancies.

Once a year, around 30 days prior to your Support & Upgrades expiry, we send you a renewal invoice to cover your school for the coming 12 months. This invoice is due and payable on or before the expiry date. If your Support & Upgrades renewal is overdue you will be notified and we may withhold further support until the account has been paid or other arrangements made.

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