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First Class will take you through every step of the timetabling cycle, from entering student subject choices to the printing of your timetables, even publishing them to a web page ! Read what our schools have to say...

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Customer Testimonials

  • Tony Gravina, Director of School Operations, Australian International School Singapore
    "Since 1997, we have been using First Class by Human Edge for timetabling, daily organisation and, more recently, electronic roll marking through A+. I have found First Class to be an outstanding package which is both easy to use and very flexible in the way in which it can manage and construct our diverse timetable structures from Preparatory through to Year 12. The package also allows me to easily manage the daily extras and the deployment of relief staff for the entire school. The phone support as well as the training program provided by Human Edge is excellent. I am also impressed by the regularity with which updates and new features are released based on user feedback. I have no hesitation in saying that First Class, and the support provided, truly do live up to its name.

    The Australian International School Singapore was founded in 1993 and offers classes from Preschool to Year 12. AISS is an International Baccalaureate Organisation World School that offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is supported by the New South Wales (Australian) curriculum. Currently there are 2,250 students enrolled and the School employs around 180 teaching staff."
  • Br Michel Jutras, Headmaster, St Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan
    "We are in the process of rebuilding our campus and we decided to use this occasion to upgrade our administrative and timetabling software. After looking at the products of several companies, we found Human Edge and believe that they are giving us the solution we need.

    They have excellent, comprehensive software and provide support in a very professional manner. They work with their clients in a way that makes us feel special, and they instill confidence that support will continue whenever it is needed.

    Upgrades for the software have come out at regular intervals and efforts are made to make sure that clients in Japan are well served even though the company is located in Australia. In one training session, we gave timetabling experts at Human Edge control of our computer over the Internet and they guided us through the timetabling program, making what appeared to be a quite complicated process, much easier to understand.

    We still have much to learn but are confident that our colleagues at Human Edge will be there to ensure our success."
  • Richard Mast, Middle School Principal, International School of Beijing
    "I thought that you should know that over the time I have been working with Human Edge I have been more than pleased with the products and the service. Having started what must be nearly 10 years ago with the DOS version of First Class whilst in Australia to the Windows version in Beijing I am so pleased to see that the thought that went into both products reflected a real and deep understanding of educational issues and how they connect to timetabling. I have been timetabling since 1972 and used all the methods and tools of that period. This is the best product by far and I am so pleased that I can use it here and get the level of support you provide."
  • Andrew Judd, Assistant Principal, Tyrrell College, Sea Lake
    "Deciding to introduce First Class to streamline our timetabling and daily organisation procedures has been one of the best decisions our small P-12 College has made. It is easy to use, reliable and efficient. The support is "First Class" and any issues we have had have been solved within a day."
  • Cheri McDonald, Deputy Principal, Coonamble High School
    "I have found the package very user friendly and the technical support excellent for this program. I have staff who work with me pick up the process very fast. We have been able to develop a strong timetabling team who are confident in using the program in a very short amount of time."
  • Gary Watson, Arden Anglican School, Epping, NSW
    "Thank you for your support over these last couple of months - particularly with Theo at training and Rob Bakker with advice. I have found the whole package a great support while I've been in timetableland."
  • Michael Hanratty, St Mary's Catholic College
    "A great introduction to First Class. I can at least go away now with a working knowledge to construct blocks for Year 11."
  • Catherine Walton, Birrong Boys High School
    "First Class is a very high quality product. We were overwhelmed by the scope and ease of use of the programme. Excellent presenters, excellent content, excellent support material."
  • Jennifer Holland, Colac High School
    "I would like to thank those in the Human Edge - First Class support office for their amazing help and friendliness over the years, they made the job so much fun and I really miss the contact with them. Please pass on my thanks particularly to Robert Bakker, he was great to talk with, carefully listening and explaining and very helpful with all aspects of the software use. I had no experience with timetabling before taking on this role and while anxious at first; through the training, assistance and support from all at Human Edge, this became one of the most exciting and satisfying roles in my career. I really enjoyed using the software with a passion, spending many hours trying to get the most out of it to do the best job I could for the school - staff and students together!"
  • Mark Quagliani, Assistant Principal, Australian Technical College, Sunshine
    "Thank you for a trial copy of First Class and A+ all concerned are thrilled with the web based attendance capability, and as a result we would like to legitimise this software."
  • Pete Geekie
    "I am using First Class for the first time today and the new Timetabling at Apollo Bay P12 College. Thanks, I think I'll enjoy using your software. It is great."
  • Peter Thompson Head Teacher Technology IA/ICT Bossley Park High School
    "While I have you 'online' we had great success this year, a timetable for EVERY student with name and all subjects. Thanks for your great support."
  • Roland Gesthuzien, Westall Secondary College
    A+ Guide to Reports "I had another look at this...splendid report!"
  • Boyd McPhee, ICT Coordinator, Lakes Entrance Secondary College
    "Over the last three years our school has implemented First Class from scratch. Before that we had pieces of coloured paper on a pinboard. We now have a team confident in using First Class with individual student timetables displayed across the Network. We are presently working through setting up Wireless roll marking across the school. Many thanks to Rob, Ray, Theo and the rest of the team for your committed support."
  • Chris Curtis, Timetabler, Hampton Park SC
    "I wish to convey to you my appreciation for the advances that have been made to First Class 2000. I have used it for two years now and find it very helpful, effective and effcient in timetabling. It gives me the information I need in an easy to follow fashion and performs its own functions with ease. Data entry is straightforward. It produces very successful timetables with great speed and has such a huge array of facilities that I can only be impressed by it. We have a unique integration of the best teaching conditions in the state and a highly coherent but complex curriculum structure, which the program handles very well. Congratulations on a First Classeffort."
  • Kevin Dullard, Timetabler, Catholic College Bendigo
    "The two key features that have been most beneficial to the time-table operation with the introduction of First Class are: Multi-user facilities - with up to eight people needing access to editing students' programmes, we have found that First Class has been most reliable and efficient. Publishing all timetables on the Intranet - This has been a real benefit and quite saving of paper (and time). At the start of the semester students are given a hard copy of their individual timetables and teachers are given a hard copy of their class lists and individual time-tables. That's it! There is no more need for file copies, copies for the Year Level Co-ordinator and Administration, or replacement copies. Anyone (staff or student) can view or print any timetable they wish from anywhere on the school network by logging onto the intranet, or even from home - via the internet."