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 First Class Timetabling
The new report within Daily Extras now helps Business Managers to quickly and easily produce invoices for the employment of relief teachers. Dates and hours worked over any period of time are accurately reflected in readiness for payment.

A report that details the relief teacher’s replacement classes can now be quickly produced, supporting schools in the endeavour to implement one of their key strategies, to efficiently monitor class activity.

You now have the ability to summarise the entire history by subject over a period of time.
Specific classes can be targeted to form the basis of strategic future planning when allocating replacement teachers.

Our improved security module, caters for the ‘one database’ approach to all of the multi users, allowing for specific rights to access First Class via the logon.

The enriched ‘camps/excursion’ module is now inclusive of students, providing the daily organisers with the student numbers in reduced class sizes and potential teachers in lieu.

 A+ Roll Marking

The improved ‘Edit Roll’ module now offers added student filtering, keyboard interactivity, the ability to ‘mark all’ over any date range and links from class to student rolls.

You also have the ability to import the A+ setup from other SQL databases, resulting in a very simple and efficient administration process. Current school year absences can be quickly archived at the end of the year, whilst preserving your system settings.

There have been enhancements in the tagging of students as ‘unmarked’ for particular times throughout the day. Students can remain "unmarked" if their class did not run, or indeed, be quickly tagged with an appropriate absence code by class.


Other First Class key updates

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