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Human Edge is excited to announce our new timetabling and roll marking app – First Class Mobile.

It’s easy to use and powerful in design and functionality, so try it now and enjoy the benefits wherever you are.

The Apple and Android versions are available now. Download it today and try out the demo version.


Who is it for ?

  • First Class Mobile is a mobile application that can be used by teachers,
    students and parents.
  • First Class Mobile integrates with First Class and A+ and is available immediately
    to anyone running First Class Web premier edition.

What does it do ?

Using First Class Mobile teachers can access their timetables, view their classes
and mark their rolls while on the move. It also allows teachers to communicate with
their students and with other teachers.


First Class Mobile allows students to view their timetable and communicate
instantly with other students in their class or with their teachers.



And coming in 2013 First Class Mobile will even allow parents to access their
children's timetable and roll marking data.


First Class Mobile has three access modes:

  • Teacher access allows:
               • Personal timetable
               • Mark their rolls
               • Access the timetables for other teachers
               • Access student timetables
               • View Class Lists and Form Lists, all with the student photos included
               • View the daily timetable changes
               • Show teachers who are free
               • Locate rooms that are free
               • Instant message both students in their classes and other teachers
               • View the events calendar
               • Search by student, day, period, room, subject, and more
  • Student access allows:
                • Access their personal timetable
                • Access their roll marking records
                • Instant message students in their classes and their teachers
               • View the events calendar

  • Parent access (coming 2012) allows:
               • Access the timetables and roll marking data for their children
               • Instant message their children's teachers
               • View the events calendar

Of course First Class Mobile can be configured to the way you want it, so options
can be switched on and off to suit your needs.


Can I try it out first ?

Yes you can. 


Simply contact us at or call
1300 550 765 (Australia) or +61 3 9690 5044 (International).


How do I get started ?

Details about configuring First Class Mobile are found in
Downloads -> First Class Timetabling.


Should you need further assistance with the configuration of First Class Mobile
please log a support request and our Support Team will assist you with your query.


How much does it cost ?

  • First Class Mobile is completely free and is immediately available to anyone running
    First Class Web premier edition.
  • If you do not already have First Class Web premier edition then you will need to order this product first.

Where do I find it ?

What else is coming in 2013 ?

  • First Class Mobile will allow parent access.