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"Thank you for informing me of bug fix in a future release. I don’t have anything to add, other than to say ‘thanks’! You guys do a wonderful job at Human Edge, you are all great to deal with and you all endeavour to sort out issues as quickly as possible, which certainly makes our job easier!!"

Mandy Simspon, Sacred Heart Primary School, Creswick

"Implementation of Report Pro went smoothly as it is a quality product where the research and development occurred before its release."

Michael Hill, Principal, Upper Yarra Secondary College

"A short note to say a big thank you to Dani and yourself (David) for the assistance you have given us with Reporter Pro over the last few days. In particular, Dani was online with Matt, the Deputy Principal here, for over an hour and a half last night. Without her help we wouldn't have got the reports out today."

Gerard Broadfoot, Principal, Mother of God School, Ardeer

"I would sincerely like to acknowledge the extra service that you and your staff have given to our College in relation to implementing a successful Reporting system and mail-out to our parents.

I am very pleased with the appearance of our new Reports and look forward to substantial time savings in our future reporting productions."

Bruce Campbell, Head of College, Nambour Christian College

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“Excellent session. David was very helpful with a number of areas.”

"All is going really well here. Absences generated flawlessly, all staff were able to write their reports both online or checked out and the coordinators have received a full set of reports for proofreading.

We are really starting to get into the process of using Reporter Pro and most staff really like the software."

Fiona Mackenzie, Leongatha Secondary College

"Your instructions enabled a me to create the new template definitions for the specialists. Everything went well. Thanks for your support and more particularly for the Reporter Pro software. It is like a breath of fresh air after some of the programs we have used over the last 8 years."

Peter Hassold, Assistant Principal, Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School

"I hope everything's going smoothly at Human Edge, our system's running beautifully you'll be pleased to hear!"

Marie Gamwell, Vice Principal, St Theresa's Albion

"Thank you for all your help, especially over the past few weeks, I appreciate greatly your availability and the time you gave."

Carolyn Hamond, Reports Administration, Strathmore Secondary College

"Another successful report run - and both Semesters of VELS data safely in CASES."

Fiona Mackenzie, Leongatha Secondary College

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