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Pay2k has been superseded by Pay3K our new payroll product. For information on Pay3K click here

Pay2K is the right solution for all your payroll processing requirements. Its easy-to-use intuitive display of the employee pay details makes processing your payroll a breeze.

With intelligent use of the tree and table view layouts, common toolbar for all screens, and a simple three step payroll process, learning Pay2K is easy. In fact it's so easy that training is only a half day course. You'll be up and running in no time.

Pay2K removes the hassle of manual tax calculations by recording the very latest ATO (Australian Tax Office) tax scales. Each employee's tax is automatically calculated, taking into account HECS, as well as medicare levy adjustments and tax variations. It caters for ATO reporting requirements by producing payment summaries for your employees (formerly Group Certificates), as well as the transfer file for the ATO.

Find more details about our payroll solution here or contact us at or by phone 1300 550 765 to discuss your requirements.

Did you know that ...
Human Edge, the specialist software provider for the school sector, understands the education payroll terminology.
Pay2K is continually upgraded, keeping it up to date with the latest tax requirements.
We know that your payroll is time critical, industrially sensitive and a school's single biggest overhead and will always provide you with the best service and support.
Pay2K handles the intricate nature of salary packaging, including salary sacrifice, FBT recording & superannuation.
Over many years our payroll system has successfully produced many hundreds of thousands of pays for teachers and school administration staff.
The system has never failed to pay people or miss a deadline.
An active school user group listens to your input for future Pay2K development.
The user base is extensive and includes many rural and interstate users, reflecting the strong service and support mechanisms behind Pay2K.


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