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Pay2k training courses are held in our dedicated training facility located in South Melbourne (see the map).

This half day course commences at 9.00am and runs for approximately 4 hours. Beverages are available throughout the day for your comfort and enjoyment.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 people to ensure everyone gets the most from the day. Our instructors focus on providing individual attention where needed and sufficient time and opportunity to have your specific questions answered.

The courses are scheduled to demand and the dates may change accordingly.

Pay2K Training Courses

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 What you learn in this course?
Set-up Pay2k with your business information
Set-up your payroll structure
Enter your pay codes
Record employee information
Set-up pay groups
Set-up the standard payroll
Process a payroll
Run Month End procedures
Complete Period and Month End reports

This course assumes that you are familiar with processing a payroll, and the associated rules, regulations and requirements.

Pay2k Consultancy
While our training courses give a detailed and informative overview of how Pay2k works, you may find that you require extra advice on a particular aspect of the software or simply need to work with someone to get through the issues.

Our consulting services provide you with a forum that lets you set the agenda!

Our consultants provide not only one-on-one sessions to help you learn to use the software, but they will also give you advice on how to make the system work the way you want it to. Some examples of areas where we helped businesses include:

Set-up Pay2k on a network
Determine the structure of the payroll
Set-up the payroll

Application Consulting
Assistance and instructions in how to use the application software
Advice relating to the use of the application software in your school environment
Development of implementation plans and project management
Analysis of their requirements and advice on solutions

Our consultancy sessions can be organised for groups of up to four people and they can be held at your school with a minimum of a half day. If you decide to come to our premises, there is a minimum of one hour per session.
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