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Human Edge has distilled the experience of our support staff into our comprehensive, user-friendly Tips and Tricks guides. These guides are practical, process-driven ‘How To’ documents giving step-by-step instructions to achieve a particular goal.

Pay2k Indexed Tips and Tricks (Self extracting archive,Date Posted 23/07/2002, Size 1.56Mb)

Click on this item and save a copy of the self extracting archive containing the Pay2k Tips & Tricks. Having saved the file to your computer you can then extract the tips & tricks by double clicking on the file you have saved.

By default the tips & tricks documents will be extracted to the C:\Tips and Tricks\Pay2k.

Alternatively, you can download an individual Tips & Tricks document from the list below:

Date Posted Release Size Name
23 July 2002 R289 134Kb Installing Pay2K

Getting Started
27 July 2001 R274 874Kb Getting Started with Pay2K

Processing a Payroll
27 July 2001 R268 524Kb Processing a Payroll within Pay2K
23 June 2006 77Kb Steps to follow in processing a payroll

15 June 2006 R390 54Kb Adding a Superannuation Fund

End of Year
16 June 2009 R469 66Kb End Of Year Checklist 2009

Tax Constants
27 July 2001 1,314Kb Changing Tax Constant for 1st July 2000
2 July 2002 R289 19KB HECS & SFSS Rate Changes 1 July 2002

15 June 2006 R390 166Kb Payroll Re-Bank

Mail Merging
27 July 2001 R274 223Kb Mail Merging Pay2K Data into Microsoft Word

Pay2k Administration
27 June 2006 R274 467Kb Backing up and restoring files in Pay2k
5 September 2006 R390 320Kb Security
27 July 2001 45Kb Using Winzip

The Tips & Tricks Documents are in Adobe Acrobat Format. A copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe's Website

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