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The People module of SAS2000 enables you to record all the information for Students and Enrolments, and their Families and Contacts (Parents, Residential Guardians, Fee Payers, Emergency Contacts and Friends). Information is entered for enrolments to be attending the school in the future, students attending the the school currently, and people who have attended the school in the past.



The Student area is where you record the details of all the students who are currently attending the school. This area has the ability to record not only the required student information, but also the information required for completing the DETYA Census, Medical information, Travel methods and details, and Student Welfare details. The Student record also has the facility to display a photo of the child making identification easy. All the contacts that are linked to the student are visible on the students record and colour coding makes it easy to identify, which contact(s) are, the fee payer or residential guardian for the child.



The Attendances area is designed for you to record the times the student was absent from the school premises for whatever reason (eg. illness, school excursion, absent without reason, arrived late). The attendance record can be marked to indicate if the absence is acceptable, if documents are required and if the record is to be recorded as an absence. In the case of a school excursion the student is not absent but they are not on the school premises. Absence and attendance records are linked to the student records and reports can be producedfrom this information.


Enrolement (Pre-Enrolements)

The Enrolment area is where you record details of those children who are planning to attend the school in the future. It can be used to keep track not only of those children who have accepted a place at the school but of the full enrolment process from initial Enquiry to Application, Offer of a place and Acceptance. When the child starts at the school, their Enrolment record is turned into a Student record, keeping all details current and easy to find.



The Family area lets you record the information that applies to the Family as a whole. The Enrolment, Student or Alumni record is linked to being part of that Family. Contacts that are linked to Enrolment, Student and Alumni records are also part of that Family.



The Contacts area lets you record the Parents, Residential Guardians, Fee Payers, Emergency Contacts and Friends for the Students, Enrolments and Alumni of the school. If a Contact has connections to more than one student at the school, SAS2000 has the functionality to let you record the contact once and then link them to the different students specifying the appropriate relationship (eg. a contact who is the mother of one child at the school may be the aunt of another child and the emergency contact for a third child). In SAS2000 you only need to enter her details once to create a contact record and then link that record to each of the students with the appropriate relationship. It is very simple to specify if the Contact is the Residential Guardian and / or the Fee Payer for a particular student. If the Contact is specified as the Fee Payer, the Account Tab lists all the financial transactions for the Contact making checking an outstanding balance a quick and simple process.



The Alumni area keeps the records of past students at the school. This can be useful for keeping in touch with past students for school reunions or fund raising events. Fees & Receipts. This also meets Government data storage requirements.



SAS2000 can deal with the simplest to the most complicated of fee structures. The ability to enter unlimited fees that are linked to specific flags on the Student or Family records enables you to customise the fees to suit your schools requirements. The Fee Generation process enables you to quickly and easily raise bills for every one at the school within minutes.

Manual Bills can also be created, when a students starts part way through the term, or they need to be billed for special items. Student discounts can be applied on a percentage or an amount basis per child, or per family depending on the number of students that are part of the family. SAS2000 copes effortlessly with one off items such as Hiring out the School Hall and allows you to track these invoices just like any fee payer.


Receipting can be quick and easy while the parent is waiting. Receipts can be printed on A4 or A5 paper and presented to the parent immediately. Simply select the Contact (fee payer) and enter the payment amount and details. You can let SAS2000 allocate the amount to the oldest outstanding bill first, or you can manually allocate the money to specific outstanding items. A second receipt entry form is available which limits the amount of information that is displayed on screen, keeping the contacts financial information secure.


SAS2000 also has the ability to create just one receipt where a contact makes a payment on using multiple payment methods (eg. the contact gives you a combination of cash and cheque).


Do you direct debit a fee payer's bank account? SAS2000 EFT facility will enable you to set up unlimited payment plan schedules on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Just enter the contact (Fee Payer), their bank account details and the amount they are for paying. When the schedule is processed SAS2000 will create all the receipts for the contacts on the schedule and an ABA (Australian Banking Association) file that can be imported into bank software and sent to the bank to deduct the specified amount from the contacts account. This saves you a significant amount of time on data entry, and increases for school fee collections.



Keeping track of all your Creditors and what you owe them is easy with SAS2000. SAS2000 can keep records of all your creditors and their contact details. A full history of all purchase orders and invoices that have been entered for the creditor, payments that have been made for the invoices and the outstanding amount on the account is available by just calling up the creditors record.


Write Cheques & Make Withdrawals

Any payments that you need to make that are not associated with a creditors invoice can be entered using Write Cheques or Make Withdrawals. Cheques may also be printed from Write Cheques.


Cheque Printing

SAS2000 can print directly onto A4 laser cheques regardless of whether they were entered in Write Cheques or Creditor Payments.


Chart of Accounts

SAS2000 has the scope and flexibility to enables you to set up your chart of accounts in a way that is specifically designed to suit your schools need.


General Ledger

The core of SAS2000 is a fully compliant double entry accounting system, which can be set to either a Cash or Accrual basis. It has an extremely comprehensive and GST compliant General Ledger to keep track of all your financial information. The General Ledger is a date-based system and includes a feature that let's you close off the General Ledger, Debtors Ledger and Creditors Ledger up to a date you specify.


Business Activity Statement (BAS)

SAS2000 will create your BAS for you based on the information that is entered into SAS2000. Just assign the appropriate tax code at the time you enter a transaction and when it is time to create your BAS a couple of keystrokes and it is done. A report is available giving details on all the transactions that make up each of the entries on the BAS.


Recurring Transactions

Recurring transactions will save you a lot of time for those transactions that you process regularly and exactly the same each time. Just set up the general journal once and select it to recur on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Then just run the transaction to create a new journal for this information. The journal that is created is fully editable so any necessary changes to amounts can be entered before the Journal is posted.


Asset Register

SAS2000 contains an Asset Register that lets you keep track of the location of the assets of the school and their value for insurance purposes. A particularly important feature is the abilty to schedule and record maintenance activity on things like playground equipment. This is a very simple process to enter asset details.


Correcting Transaction Errors

The ability to unpost financial transactions is available throughout SAS2000. If you have made an error on entering the information into SAS2000 you can just unpost the transaction and correct it. A history of all postings and unposting is recorded as part of the General Ledger so you have an audit trail of what has happened.


Accessibilty of Your Data

The SAS2000 database is a fully compliant SQL database. This means that it can be used as a standalone system or networked using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 or later as the backend database management system. By utilizing the Power, Reliability and Robust Stability of SQL Server SAS2000 is a fast, accurate and reliable Schools Administration Software Package. SAS2000 has the ability to exchange data directly with other programs that are ODBC compliant. This connectivity allows users to interrogate the database directly with programs such as, Microsoft Word, Excel or Access to create custom reports or mail merges tailored to their needs and requirements. You can also export information out of SAS2000. Most of the forms in SAS2000 have an export function that will let you export the information held for the form. You can choose to export all the records held for the form or reduce the records to be exported down to just those that meet a specific criteria. An Enhanced Export is also available for the People area of SAS2000. It enables you to export information from a combination of the Student, Family, and Contact records, which can be filtered to suit your reporting and data needs.


Copying Your SAS2000 Database

Copying your SAS2000 database is a quick and simple process, which may be used for many purposes. Creating a copy of your database can be useful not only for trying new processes out but also for creating a Tutorial database to practice on, familiarising new staff with the software or for taking a quick backup copy of your database when upgrading the software or at the end of the Financial or Academic year.


Reminder List

The Reminder List displays information on all unposted transactions, recurring transactions and Notes that require action. This is reminding you of the jobs waiting for completion. Once a job has been completed it is automatically removed from the Reminder List.


Find Records

Forms in SAS2000 have a FIND option available. This allows you to search on any field on the form to find only those records that match a specific criterion. This reduces the amount of information you need to look through when searching for specific information (eg. you may need to find all receipts entered for a specific contact, or all Students doing a certain subject). The records held for a form can be filtered by one or more fields so a very specific group of records can be selected.


Security Levels

At Human Edge we understand just how important it is to keep your database secure. Keeping this in mind SAS2000 has a feature rich, yet user friendly security system that can prevent users from being able to view any information, right through to having full access to the database. Like MS Microsoft Windows 2000 the security can be set up for an individual or a group. Depending on your schools' security requirements you can give everyone full access by turning the security off or lock it down as tightly as your needs dictate.


Keeping the Software Up to Date

The SAS2000 program is being continually developed and expanded taking into consideration the needs and requirements of our client base. For quick and easy distribution of software updates to all our clients we issue upgrades via our web site as a downloadable file. When an upgrade to SAS2000 is released we send an email to our clients informing them that an upgrade to the software is available. Included in the email is a link to a Release Notes document that details all the changes that have been included in the upgrade.


Service & Support

A Service and Support contract is available for SAS2000 and is renewable every 12 months. The Service and Support contract entitles the school to download the software upgrades for SAS2000 for free and to unlimited free telephone support on SAS2000 for the duration of the Service and Support contract. The Service and Support centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (EST time) public holidays excepted.