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Human Edge offers a wide range of SAS2000 training courses in Melbourne, as well as on-site, in regional areas and overseas, as requested.

The training is hands-on, with each participant using a dedicated computer. Participants also receive comprehensive training manuals and other relevant resource materials. Morning and afternoon tea and refreshments are provided.

Our highly qualified instructors, with a blend of technical skills and a sound understanding of the school environment, continuously focus on providing individual attention to all the participants. Where needed, you will have the opportunity to have all your specific questions answered for a guaranteed powerful and effective learning experience.

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SAS2000 Refresher (course outline)

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Family & Students (course outline)

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Financials Level 1 (course outline)

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Financials Level 2 (course outline)

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Exporting and Mail Merge Introduction (course outline)

Learn how to easily produce letters, labels and forms from SAS2000 Student and Family data using Microsoft Word and Mail Merge. Mail Merge is a fantastic tool that is easy to use (once you know how) and will save you lots of time! Using the TEMPLATE feature in SAS2000 you will be able to quickly reproduce documents with personalised data from SAS2000 and save them for future use. Come and learn how to use Mail Merge, along with some other basic Microsoft Word functions.
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Creditors (course outline)

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Student, Debtors and Financial End of Year (course outline)

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SAS2000 Refresher
About the Course
The half day SAS2000 refresher course covers items from our Family & Students and Financial 1 courses. It also looks at some of the newest features of SAS2000 and how they can help save time in the school office. Some of the areas where we can help you review and improve your use of SAS2000 include:
Maintaining family and student data accurately and the tools to help
Recording student and family relationships
New features in enrolments and waiting lists
Fee Billing & General Ledger Budget export and import
Mail Merge documents with SAS2000 data
Setting up and using creditors
Time saving tips for better office productivity
How to maintain your student profiles

Family & Students
About the Course
Provides hands-on experience in learning how to enter Enrolments, manage Family Records and edit Student Records
Covers various ways of working with Student records
Teaches you how to run Student Reports
Training Outcomes
Enter and maintain Student, Family and Contact information
Look-up student details
Link Students to their Families and Contacts
Enter Enrolment information for future students
Add information to drop-down lists
Use general navigation and the Find function
Produce Student Reports
Course Audience
The course is intended for people who are new to SAS2000 and need to manage Student and Family Records
Current SAS2000 users who need a 'refresher'
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Financials Level 1
About the Course
Learn how to generate fees, process receipts, process credits, enter manual bills, transfer fees, match advance payments and credits to bills, make payments and manage financial records
Course Outcomes
Learn to setup and generate Fees for your school
Check the accounts created by the Fee Generation
Enter Exemptions, Rebates and Discounts
Produce Family Fee Statements
Enter payments received for fee and other items
Enter sundry receipts (eg. Government Grant money)
Create a Bank Deposit Slip
Create an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) schedule for periodical receipting
Process the EFT schedule for your periodic receipting
Enter Bulk Receipts, for a payment that is to be split over several fee payers
Enter Bulk Credits, for a credit amount that is to be split over several fee payers
Raise manual accounts for students during the year
Enter bills for non fee items (eg. Hire of the School Hall)
Transfer Fees from one fee payer to another
Use the Fee Credit Matching function, to match outstanding credits to bills on the fee payer’s account.
Create a register of Creditors
Enter and print cheques
Record payments made directly from your bank account
Course Audience
The course is intended for people who are new users of SAS2000 and need to process and manage financial records
Current SAS2000 users who require a ‘refresher’
There is no assumed knowledge of working with SAS2000, though it is preferred that Family and Students training has been attended.

Financials Level 2
About the Course

This course will give you an insight into how to process bank reconciliations, manage your chart of accounts, process your BAS and manage the schools budgets.

Other topics covered in this course are: general journal and asset register
Course Outcomes
Complete a bank reconciliation in SAS2000
Enter General Journals
Complete your BAS in SAS2000
Enter your Budget Figures
Add or Edit G/L Accounts in your Chart of Accounts
Enter Assets into the Asset Register
Course Audience
The intended audience for this course is people, new or current users, who process and manage financial records in SAS2000
People who require a ‘refresher’
People attending the course are expected to have some knowledge of working with SAS2000
Preferably Financial 1 training has been attended

Exporting and Mail Merge Introduction
About the Course
The course will teach you how to set-up a Mail Merge document
Learn how to export from the Enhanced Export and SAS2000 forms and filter the data
Course Outcomes
Search for segments of required data
Export Data in the way that best suits your needs
Create a Mail Merge document using the exported data
Use a Data Source to create documents
Learn to use the Enhanced Export for Student and Family information
How to perform basic Filters in the Enhanced Export
Exporting from SAS2000 Forms
Preset Exports in SAS2000
Course Audience
People who use SAS2000 as a record keeping and reporting tool for the Student and Family records
Those who use MS Word to perform Word Processing functions
Knowledge of working with SAS2000 Family and Student records is necessary therefore prior training in Family and Student is preferred.

Creditors Course
About the Course

Hands-on experience in learning how to manage the creditor records, enter purchase orders, enter creditor invoices, and process payments to your creditors

Create commonly used product codes
Link purchase orders and invoices
Course Outcomes
Enter and maintain your creditor records
Enter and manage the purchase orders
Link purchase orders to invoices
Set up a generic product listing for commonly purchased items.
Set up product listings specific to Creditors, for items purchased from a particular supplier
Enter Purchase Orders
Raise Invoices from the Purchase Orders entered into SAS2000
Enter Invoices for items that do not have a Purchase Order in SAS2000
Enter Payments for an individual Creditor
Set up to process EFT payments
Process payment runs for cheques or EFT
Record the return of a payment
Enter Credit Notes
Compare Budgets to Creditor Purchase Orders and Invoices
Run Purchase Order reports
Run Creditor Invoice reports
Course Audience
The intended audience for this course is new or current users of SAS2000 who need to process and manage accounts payable records
People who require a ‘refresher’
There is no assumed knowledge of working with SAS2000

Student, Debtor and Financial End of Year
This course covers the student, debtors and financial end of year processes. The course also covers the Arrears Consolidation processes which are specific to schools that use the fee and levy reconciliation reports and CECV schools.
About the Course
Learn to create next year's classes, archive students who are leaving, flag students who are repeating, and update students' classes and year levels and move the pre-enrolments for the New Year into students.
Maintain students who are repeating their year level or leaving the school, print Transfer Notes, prepare the student class allocations for the new school year, print next year's class lists for checking, update students to their next year level and class, archive the students who are leaving and update the enrolments.
Learn how to prepare your cash accounting database for the debtor end of financial year.
Topics covered in this course include: debtor account checks, receipting advance payments for next year, entering credits, refunding overpayments to parents, running the Arrears Consolidation (for CECV schools) and closing the Financial Year.
Course Outcomes
Create Next Year's Classes
Print Next Year's Class Lists
Perform the Student rollover to update students for the new year
Handle transactions for the next financial year
Perform debtor end of year checks and preparations
Prepare for and run the arrears consolidation (for CECV schools)
Close the financial year in SAS2000
Course Audience
The intended audience is people who use SAS2000 to:
enter enrolments and maintain student records, and need to update the student records for the New Year.
manage and maintain the school's accounts, and who are responsible for running the arrears consolidation and closing the financial year.
For Student End of Year: Prior knowledge of working with Family and Student records within SAS2000 and a basic knowledge of SAS2000.
For Debtor and Financial End of Year: It is assumed that you have a strong knowledge of and experience working with financial data and records within SAS2000.
You are expected to be proficient in: entering Receipts and Credits, posting Transactions, working with the Chart of Accounts and running Reports in SAS2000.

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