Key Function Function Description
Student Summary Provides an interface to view a summary of the student's important information and their attendance details. It provides details such as current roll status, contacts, phone calls, attendance, incidents, scheduled absences, late arrivals, early departures, sick bay visits, truancy, timetable, confidential notes, communications and calendar of incidents related to the student.
Attendance The Attendance rolls can be marked on screen or via a barcode scanner. Students can be selected using a multiple selection option or by applying multiple search criteria.
Welfare Record and manage incidents, detentions, N awards, faculty awards, suspensions, uniform offences and notes.
My Class Web-based roll marking for teachers. My Class provides an interface for teachers to retrieve and mark the rolls. Teachers only have access to mark their own rolls.
Print Roll Several different report formats are available for paper-based roll marking. Roll reports can be used with a barcode scanner for faster roll marking.
Daily Roll Status A quick view of the school's attendance roll status. The roll can be grouped by year/form, class, custom group, house or home group.
Late and Early Manage or log students’ late arrivals, early departures and partial out of class absences, print student passes and parent authorisation.
KIOSK A self-service sign-in application which can be used by students or staff to log attendance, print student passes and/or parent authorisation.
Truancy Record all truant students for the day or per period. Keeps a history of the truancy records for the students.
Scheduled Absences Manage all scheduled or future absences for individual or groups of students e.g. events, tutor group, school activities, medical or dental appointments.
Phone Calls Capture phone calls from the contacts/parents of the students. The call can be reflected in the roll marking. A history is kept of the phone calls received from contacts/parents for each student.
Letters Provides an interface to organise letter templates and to send letters to families within the attendance and welfare module.
Communication Captures all types of communication linked to the students attendance records such as phone calls, SMS, email, explanation letters and welfare letters. Provides the functionality to process communication responses from parents and to manage communications that require follow up.
Import/Export Provides a utility to import data from 3rd party software packages such as OASIS, CASES, Edval, TimeTabler and TimeChart. An export utility is available for OASIS, SM-Marks and Reporter Pro.
Synchronise from First Class Synchronise the AMS timetable information from the First Class timetable application.
Sick Bay Manage all students who go to sick bay and reflect their partial absence in the roll marking if necessary. All the important student information is accessible such as emergency contact, medical condition, medical alert, ambulance information sheet, sickbay history and medication required.
Medication Register Maintains a record of the medication that is required to be provided to students. This can be a once only occurrence or a recurring pattern in the short or long term.
Medication Reminder Sends a reminder or SMS to staff on when, to whom and where to provide medication.
Evacuation Prints the current roll status of all students in the school. Ideal for use in an evacuation to check all students have been evacuated.
SMS Manages the send of SMS and collects the SMS responses. Keeps a history of all incoming and outgoing SMS.
Email Create emails to contacts/parents. Merge fields are available to specify the student details in the email. This allows the same email text to be used to notify multiple contacts about their students. Email templates can be saved to make sending standard and regular emails quicker.
Alerts Allows for the notification of contacts and staff under certain circumstances. User defined notification rules allow the school to customise when alerts are displayed.
Task Scheduler Schedule and automate repetitive tasks such as the start of day process, synchronize with the timetable from First Class, import student information from SAS2000.
Custom Group Create custom student groups to make retrieval quicker for roll marking and other purposes. E.g. a school sports team made up of students from various classes, forms and year levels can be set as a custom group to make attendance marking easier when they play matches against other schools.
Staff Attendance Provides an interface to generate and mark staff attendances.
Visitor Management Record visitors for students and staff at the school. Key features include the ability to capture a photo and print an ID for the visitors, keep track of visitors scheduled leaving times and identify visitors that have overstayed their visit time.
Security The ability to specify and change user roles and permissions which are critical for data integrity and security. This is customisable per user or user group.
Reports The Attendance and Welfare reports are grouped per module. The reports can be printed or saved in a different format.
My Reports Provides an interface for generating and printing Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) reports. This option enables you to have customised reports created.