Key Function Function Description
Courses Manage and maintain the courses available in the school. To specify grades and equivalent mark for each course. 
Unit and Unit Status Maintain the units available within a course and the different status available for each unit.
Course and Studies To manage current enrolments, completed and conferred units of study in a course. To record student's past achievements along with degrees, majors and sub majors attained outside the school. SMS and email are available for notification purposes.
Results To mark student results by unit of study. To record when the unit is completed or it is withdrawn.  Allows the operator to view the marked and unmarked units. Results can also be sent thru email or SMS. 
Billing Integrated with SAS2000 to post appropriate transactions into the SAS2000 Billing and General Ledger.
Security The ability to specify and change user roles and permission which are critical for data integrity and security. This is customisable per user or user group.
Reports Relevant reports grouped per module which can be printed or saved as a different format.
My Reports Provides an interface for generating and printing Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) reports.