Key Function Function Description
Events   Manages events in school right through the event cycle from creation, approval to completion. Manages event costs, participants, medical details, alerts, event itinerary, permission, and bill generation.
Community Displays all the event involvement of students, contacts, alumni and staff.
Calendar module Offers a graphical view of all historical and upcoming events in the school. Flexible in appearance and customisable per user and available in the teacher portal.
Risk Assessment and Strategies Manage risk and strategies associated with the event. Provides the ability to generate a graphical report of the likelihood and impact of the risk.
Notifications Allows for the notification of participants (students, alumni, contacts, or staff) of an event via export, merge, email, SMS and Google calendar.
Evaluation Events can be evaluated based on the expected outcomes of the event. Evaluations can be referred to when considering future similar events.  Record attendance of expected participants.
Security The ability to specify and change user roles and permission which are critical for data integrity and security. This is customisable per user or user group.
Reports Relevant reports grouped per module which can be printed or saved as a different format.
My Reports Provides an interface for generating and printing Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) reports.