Key Function Function Description
Inventory Centre Setup Create and maintain multiple inventory centres and change the settings of each.  Centres can be defined as Uniform Shop, Book Shop, Notebook Servicing etc.
Departments and Sub Groups Multiple departments and stock groups per inventory centre with the use of SKU's (stock keeping units) and user defined fields to better manage the products in the inventory centre. 
Invoicing Invoices multiple products, backorders and creates bills that can be posted into SAS2000 either for cash or on account. The ability to use a barcode scanner when selling items.
Customer Orders Take customer orders based on backorders or current stock levels. Manage any orders that may be received by the inventory centre via phone call or email.
Products Creates and manages all products available in the inventory centre. Allows for products to be created with multiple SKU’s and user defined fields. This eliminates the need to have multiple products to cater for clothing that may be available in multiple sizes and colours.
Loans Manage loans made out to community members with the ability to return loans individually or in bulk and to write-off products.
Servicing Manage inbound and outbound service requests, jobs queue and billing. 
Refunds Allows the refund of multiple or single products from an invoice.
Stocktaking, Stock Adjustment, Stock Request and Purchase Order Allows stocktaking or stock adjustments to be recorded if there are discrepancies with the stock levels shown in the centre. Provides the ability to generate stock requests based on the backorders and the product's reorder settings and the ability to generate Purchase Orders in SAS2000.
Supplier Receipt Allows supplies to be brought into the inventory centre from suppliers or from an existing posted Purchase Order in SAS2000.  
Billing Integrated with SAS2000 to post appropriate transactions into the SAS2000 Billing and General Ledger.
Key Register Manage either physical or logical keys. Keep track of allocation, condition and key holder history. Aside from actual keys, online internet accounts, bank accounts, vault access codes or anything that requires user name or access code can be managed through this module.
Security The ability to specify and change user roles and permission which are critical for data integrity and security. This is customisable per user or user group.
Reports Relevant reports grouped per module which can be printed or saved as a different format.
My Reports Provides an interface for generating and printing Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) reports.