Key Function Function Description
Music Class Create and manage music classes, categories, and schedules. Allows for recurring and non-recurring schedules.
Tuition Enrol students into one or more music classes in the school. SMS and email are available for notification purposes.
Calendar Displays all the music classes and AMEB examinations that students are taking. The calendar is available in the teacher portal.
Re-enrolment A quick facility to re-enrol the student in the same music class in a particular term and to be able to rehire instruments.
Instrument Hire and Instrument Loan Keep track of the hire in and out of musical instruments which can either be free or chargeable to the student’s account.
Ensemble Manage ensemble membership and fees.
AMEB Examination Records all the AMEB examinations attended by the student. 
Examination Result To keep track of all other examinations taken by the student. 
Adjustment Adjust the tuition, instrument hire or any other items charged to the student’s account. 
Billing Integrated with SAS2000 Billing and General Ledger. Parent/carer receives one account for all expenses.
Security The ability to specify and change user roles and permission which are critical for data integrity and security. This is customisable per user or user group.
Reports Relevant reports grouped per module which can be printed or saved as a different format.
My Reports Provides an interface for generating and printing Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) reports.